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Yoshinari Noda’s Works

・Business consultant
・Lecturer of seminar and training
・Business circle management
・Other writing and various medias


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Born in 1966 and graduated from the engineering department of the Kanagawa University.

Manage and consult for business circle.
Involve more than 5400 managers and 400 companies until now.
Get a high appraisal for lecture, training lecturer and inspection seminar. (foreign countries and country)

Moreover, he involved in the edit of offer meeting place in other businesses. Production of Mook books, books and media.

He has a different career of jobs starts from a car engineer to Funai General Laboratory and the management consultant.

Graduated form Department of Engineering at Kanagawa University in 1990 and started work at NISSAN SHATAI Corporation the same year.
He involved in a lot of production developments and new equipment introductions as the professional of the painting device.

He joined Funai Consulting Company, Limited to in 1999 because he desired that he wants to become independent.

Be a team leader of many consulting business such as manufacturers and the mail-order firms in 2002.

He became a head of business Planning Office of Funai General Laboratory Roji Ltd. in January 2005. Afterwards, he served as a business development department general manager for Magumagu Ltd. and became independent.

Moreover, he worked at Okinawa University graduate school by using these experiences in December 2006.

Now, he is a director of Anytime Lohas Ltd.
Established the Business Meet Corporation in February 2008 and voluntarily serves presidents and representative Directors as a management consultancy for a lot of enterprises.

The sharpness of the aspect is demonstrated by the book named ‘See the unseen thing. How to polish numeric power?’ It’s affection in recent years and the consulting and the lecture circuit are done to the numerical value thick as a strong management consultant in nationwide various places.

Analyze worth data and example into logical that is easy to understand. Aim to be a company that will be relaid in the future. The fan all over the world who is enchanted to the Noda felt-tipped marker logic that helps to improves is not few.

Wish to expand a high regulating ability and individual management in Asia.

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1990 Graduated from Mechanical Engineering Section of Department of Engineering at Kanagawa University
Joined NISSAN SHATAI Corporation in Production Engineering Department painting technology section.
1995 Prairie Joy production development charge
(Developed the world first new car for 14 months.)
1997 Safari production development charge
(Model changing car after 10 years) 
1998 New line establish charge
(The latest usage technology development)
1999 New equipment introduction project leader
(Nissha, Automatic painting device introduction)
1999 Joined Funai Consulting Company, Limited in Support business in Tokyou department.
2002 Team leader of head consultant
2004 Team leader of Chief consultant
January 2005 Head of business Planning Office of Funai General Laboratory Roji Ltd.
April 2005 –
December 2006
Docent of Okinawa University graduate school
July 2005 Business development department general manager of Magumagu Ltd.
April 2006 Became independent and established Anytime Lohas Ltd.
Now, he is a managing director of Anytime Lohas Ltd., a business consultant.
February 2008 President and Representative Director who established Business Meet Corporation.
The management consultancy, the business circle management, the place of meeting for business and involve in the edit of the Mook book.

Main qualification

  • First class of Nissho bookkeeping
  • ISO9001 Judge assistant
  • Second class of car mechanic
  • Judo first grade
  • Ski SAJ first class
  • Docent of former Okinawa University graduate school
  • eco Authorization

Current activity and results


  • The quality improvement, the production efficiency improvement and the reduction in cost (material and man-hour) of the car production line.
  • Painting technology leader holding posts successively that develops production
  • technology and developed the world new car for 14 months with production line.
  • New equipment introduction project leader
  • Quality improvement in production line and leader of cost reduction.

Funai Consulting Company, Limited

  • Consult for sales improvement to hundreds of companies and shops.
  • Trained a lot of customers and the executives for the chamber of commerce association, center of small business concern and enterprise.
  • Worked with a factory technological improvement of a small and medium-sized producing company at Funai Consulting Company, Limited.
  • Good at consulting that the business becomes happier by using their strong point.


  • Propose know how and tools to increase sales amount by internet for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Inquiries such as lectures and writing please contact to


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